The Kings Riders Club




Photos - Foto 2015

The club actions 2015

Visit the Grandfather

Volunteers of International Marathon

Volunteers of International night half Marathon

Visitors from all the world in our club

 Family of George Matar and Khalil E. Ramy

Friends from Turkey

The best Honorary members from Turkey Tanju Ateshli and Reyhan Atesli

The President of the Gold Wing Club Turkey Faiz and Gillian Koprulu

Maxim Roxter from Russia with love

 Serega Atanasov (Hooligan)

Very famous actress Olya Athanasova wife Hooligan

Very famous of Fashion Business Lakis Gavalas

The awards of Mohamed Mourad

The new babies in our Club

Tour to Melnik

The best meeting Moto Kluba Uzicee

Congratulations to President Kisko Vesna

Our Members in various treffens


Congratulations Mohamed Mourad (10 treffens)

t&t 2015 Tour and Treffen


The marriage Panagiotis Soufleros

The marriage Elizabeth Ntoymparatzi

The marriage Jordan son grandfather

 5th Greek treffen Chalkidiki

This has never been again LOST the STAFF!!


1st Turkey treffen




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