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Mr. Patrick de la Harpe 

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3th Balkan meeting 

Greece, 20-23, April, Thessaloniki Hotel Philippion ****


GWEF Teffen 2018

Belgium, 03-06 May, 

France, 09-13 May, Angouleme / gathering of the 40th FGWCF Birthday

Holland, 17-21 May, Kronenberg

Portugal, 24-27 May,

Spain, 31 May, 03 June,

Germany, 06-10 June,

Austria, 14-17 June, 

Italy, 21-24 June, Valeggio sul Mincio (Garda Lake0

Slovenia, 27 June, 1 July, Velenje, GWEF Anniversary 

Poland, 05-08 July, 39-122 Kamionka/ Rzeszow

Belarus, 12-15 July, 

Russia, 16-19 July,

Filand, 19-22 July, Inari, Lapland

Sweden, 26-29 July, Moga fritid camping Svenljunga

Norway, 02-05 August, 

Denmark, 09-12 August, Gammelbro camping Haderslev

Ireland, 16-19 August, Celbridge, Country Kilbare (23km from Dublin City)

Great Britain, 23-27 August,

Ukraine, 30 August, 02 September

Greece, 05-09 September, Camping A OUZOUNI BEACH

Bulgaria, 13-16 September,

Turkey, 20-23 September, 

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