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We want to infom all the Wingers who would like to attend the 5th Greek treffen that due to the financial conditions in country, the location of the treffen has changed.

It is most unfortunate  that we had to change the location of the treffen, since we were recently informed from the campsite we booked in Posidi that due to the low number of visitors and the financial dificulties they have in this season (for the reason we described above), it will be closing earlier in this summer.

We managed to find the best solution, so the 5th Greek treffen will take place in Paliouri Chalkidiki at the XENIA CAMPING.

The campsite complies all the required standards and it is also located on the seaside but is 30km away from the previous one.

We hope that there is still some time for those who bookad a hotel in the area to change their reservation and make a new one in the new location.

Through our website blog htt:// we are providing information for hotels and rooms to rent in the area for our visitors in adittion to the normal booking way on the internet.

We also hope that the situation in our country will improve by the time of our treffen and we will all enjoy ourselves under the sun and sea.

We are available for any information, help or anything else that you may need because of this unfortunate turn of events.

Vaios Michailopoulos

Interrep GWGR


Greek treffen pre-inscription

We woold like to inform the wingers that want to pre-inscibe to te Greek treffen that due to the problems in the banking system in Greece we are not able to prosses the deposits in our bank account.

So becouse the banks are closed, if some one want to pre-inscibed and can'tsend the money, we will accept his pre-inscription just by sending us the completed form and we grand the discound aven thought the ammount will be payed at the entrance of the treffen.

We hope that will solve any problems that might occure and we wait for you in September.

Important notice:The pre-inscription ends at 30/6/2015 and the previus anouncment was made to asist the people who pre-inscribed defore that date.

Pre-inscriptions send after 30/6/2015 are not valid.

Vaios Michailopoulos

Interrep GWGR

 Dear Goldwingers

For  5th consecutive year, is happy to support the Greek Gold Wing treffen.

This year in collaboration with SUPERFAST FERRIES, we are offering to all participants, 50% discount on SUPERFAST FERRIES catalogue fares to both Passengers and Vekicles for the Italy-Greece-Italy crossing.

For 2015 you can travel from Venice or Ancona or Bari to Igoumenitsa with ANEK-SEPERFAST fleet.

Please take advantage of an extra 30% discount on the return fare.

The offer is valid for travelling from Italy to Greece 03 September and return from Greece to Italy 26 of September.

The above dates are giving you the ability to particopate on both Greek and Turkish treffens and still travel in Adriatic with 50% discount.

More details willbe uploaded on internet soon.

For more information and reservations please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yiannis Dimitriadis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +30 2310 500800   -  +30 6937 400662

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France 14-17/05 - Moulins

Holland 21-25/05 - Reuver

Portugal 28-31/05 - Mira / Ilhavo

Spain 04-07/06 - Benidorm 

Slovenia 11-14/06 - Terme OLIMIA/Podcetrek

Switzerland 18-21/06 - Aesch/BL

Italy 25-28/06 - Valeggio sul Mincio (Carda Lake)

Hungary 02-05/07 - Tata, Faklya street + Tulipan str/ Budapest 67 km

Czech Republic 09-12/07 - Kacov

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Belarus 23-26/07 - Brest

Norway 30/07 - 02/08 - Mosjoen

Sweden 06-09/08 - Kosta 

Finland 13-16/08 - Kuortane

Ireland 20-23/08 - MacHale GAA Sportsground, Castlebar, Mayo

Great Britain 27-31/08 - Kelso

Luxembourg 03-06/09 - Bascharage

Bulgaria 07-10/09 - Bansko

Greece 09-13/09 - Chalkidiki Posidi 

Turkey 16-20/9 - Gumuldur Izmir


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